Sell more. Research less.

Fast-growing technology companies use Sidewalk’s custom SMB data to find receptive new prospects and better engage their existing customers. Sidewalk shortens the time and lowers the cost that it takes to profitably acquire SMBs. Sidewalk exclusively focuses on the ~5 MM, independent, US-based, brick and mortar, digitally-savvy SMBs.
"8% conversion... I love everything about this."
"Best in class tool… Drove $0.5MM in ARR."
"7x'd our conversions, produced huge ROI, and most important, freed up valuable time we once spent prospecting."



Reach new SMB prospects.
  • Which restaurants in NYC deliver and advertise?
  • Which spas don't use booking software?
  • Which highly-trafficked SMBs are in zip 60622?

Engage targeted SMBs via email, (Facebook/Twitter) ad, DM, mail, phone, or in-person visit.


Understand existing customers.
  • Which customers push content on social media?
  • Which retailers sell via Shopify (use eComm)?
  • Which inbound prospects have physical storefronts?

Share name, address, and phone, get relevant triggers to help you personalize upsells.


Clone your best SMB customers.
  • What do our best customers have in common? (think FB Lookalike audience)
  • Which market should we focus on next?
  • Which vertical should we focus on next?

Share name, address, and phone, of best customers and get custom, graphical analysis of their digital footprint.


Traffic Analysis

Proprietary ranking of most popular SMBs in a market

Trend Analysis

Proprietary ranking of fastest growing SMBs in a market

Demographic Analysis

Consumer age, gender, and ethnicity of patrons at SMBs

Product Analysis

Brands, products, menu items, etc., sold at SMBs

Events Analysis

Busiest times (hours, days, etc.) & events

Email Automation

Proven, email workflows to put marketing on “autopilot”

Our Data


Filter prospects by name, address, or phone.


Filter prospects by state, metropolitan area, city, neighborhood, or ZIP code.


Filter prospects by industry category or keyword.


Filter prospects by contact name or email.


Filter prospects that advertise online.


Filter prospects who spend time on or claim social pages.


Filter prospects by following, visits, or checkins.


Filter prospects that post or push content.


Filter prospects by rating.


Filter prospects by influence rating (i.e. buzz).


Enhance your data with business hours.


Filter prospects by price tier ($-$$$$).


Filter for prospects who accept credit card, deliver, etc.


Access prospects with a high trending score to find movers & shakers.


Find prospects who use analytics, ecommerce, CMS, email marketing, etc.


"Sidewalk is data on steroids."

"Sidewalk's influence score helps us fish where the fish are."

"These guys are awesome!"



"Sidewalk did a great job providing us targeted contacts."

"Drives most of our 1K+ linkbacks/month."



"~50% open rates... pretty impressive."

"$20K in LTV on ~$1K spend.”"


"8% conversion... I love everything about this."


"35% response and $5.5K in sales on $200 spend."


"...points vendors to merchants who are willing to try something new and away from those who aren't."

"...uses social data to predict which SMBs are looking to grow their business and when."

“A great kickstarter for digital B2B… these folks could go places.”

“The biggest idea at 500 Startups.”

“Klout for SMB.”


Mo Yehia

Banker turned human. Founder

500 Startups + DreamIt Ventures alum, Founder Sqoot (acquired), UMich BBA

Darren Deanto

Data Scientist


Andy Miller


Ex-Chief Innovation Architect at Constant Contact

Tony Amoyal

Funk guitarist. Founder


Saaed Fattahi


Ex-Chief Architect at Jigsaw (acquired by FORCE and renamed

Avand Amiri


Software Engineer at Airbnb, Founder Sqoot (acquired)

More about Sidewalk

Sidewalk's business intelligence helps sales and marketing team close more deals faster to their dream SMB clients. Sidewalk combs through and analyzes 100s of data sources like Facebook and company websites and surfaces SMBs that are most receptive to you. Sidewalk scores SMBs from 0-100 to determine their social rank and interest in your product so you don't have to. Sidewalk has proprietary scores for SMBs that are popular, growing, tech-savvy, engaged, and more. Sidewalk's local intelligence layer is evolving every day and is focused on helping companies grow their sales to small businesses.